Locally Managed Payroll Services

J’s Accounting & Tax Service LLC in Williams, Arizona, is known for spot-on payroll and tax services. Even if you are currently having issues with the IRS or other agencies, we will be glad to resolve them for an hourly fee. Many people have turned to online and electronic forms of Payroll Processing with companies like ADP and Paychex. These globalized services have made processing payroll on a regular basis easy and affordable, but you still have to do all of the work. J’s Accounting & Tax Service LLC is an Arizona based company with 30+ years of payroll experience, and they are within driving distance of solving a problem with a personal touch. No longer will you have to log on to an account and enter all the figures, then print the checks or wait for them in the mail, and then make sure you pay the taxes. J’s Accounting & Tax Service LLC will pick-up the records of employee hours, calculate the numbers, print the checks, and deliver them to your company. This saves you time, money and worry when it comes to paying your employees. That is the #1 benefit of using a Locally Managed Payroll Service!

Payroll Services

J’s Accounting & Tax Service’s Payroll Processing Services include:

  • Bank Account and Check Register Reconciliation
  • Payroll preparation, journals, and calculations for paying federal tax deposits.
  • Preparation and payment submission for state and federal payroll tax returns, quarterly.
  • w-2 Preparation